Thursday, December 30, 2010

SOUL/POSSESSED korean drama

lama dh xupdate
one month duk umah, tiada aktiviti berunsurkan produktiviti berlaku  
hidupku di rumah dipenuhi dgn perkara2 memalaskan

anyway, nk share satu drama korea yg aku baru abeh tgk
this drama called “SOUL” or also known as “POSSESSED”
wat attracted me to watch this series was park jiyeon, 
a member of t-ara
I follow this group activities for quite some time
so I’ve been anticipated 2 watch this series to see her acting

I’ve been searching for this series for almost 3 months
now only I can watch it after I pay to download it online
at first, want to watch it to see jiyeon’s acting
but after reading the series synopsis, I became eager to see this
as it was about sister relationship, and the older sis got possessed
as a victim of possession by unknown entities myself, of course I want to see Korean-type of possessed bodies

this series have 10 episodes, each episode for about one hour
the story is about two sisters, twins who don’t look alike
living with their mother (a florist), going at the same school
the older sister= Yun Ha Na, younger= Yun Doo Na

Ha Na=short hair, Doo Na=long hair

trouble started when Ha Na started to see ghosts since she saw the VicePresident of her school committed suicide in front of her eyes...
that suicide scene…was really awesome… me and my sis were… aaaaaaa!!!!
seriously… that scene really was sumtin

the vice president play a song on her violin before committing suicide

what will ur response be if ur watching sum1 committing suicide like this... she's on top of u!!!

then her sister, Doo Na was killed in a fire at the school warehouse
wat was really sad is Ha Na had 2 see Doo Na being burned to death in front
of her eyes … she cant help her younger sister as she has this phobia of fire
some culprit from her school were responsible for Doo Na’s death
after that Ha Na went to seek treatment from a psychiatrist
that’s when Shin Ryu, a criminal profiler got closer to Ha  Na
I wish a younger actor take that role… but his acting was ok though
hmmm…wat should I write… Shin Ryu got a painful history himself
his younger sister got killed by his schoolmates… but those schoolmates
got away from punishments thanks to a devil lawyer
his mom commit suicide after that…
Ha Na got possessed so many times..
guess who possessed her?
yeah…it’s Doo Na… but some other angry souls also got into Ha Na’s body

Doo Na= taking revenge after she died

there were 3 people that involved in the fire that killed Doo Na
two was killed violently by Ha Na + Doo Na
you should watch how the first person died… eeeeeerieeeee
wat happen to the third guy? lalalala….
hmmm…. Shin Ryu later used Ha Na 2 kill people after he discovered
Ha Na special abilities.. but not just ordinary people… those who were
killed are ones who commit crimes but got away with it
well, I have to say this series is great, but only for the first five episodes
the other last five episodes were kinda boring
but still ok
what happened in the end was kinda shocking
and the ending also… hmm…
the first five episodes(I name them part 1)are interesting maybe because of the plot
the last five episodes (part 2)were kind boring , my sis also agree with me
maybe it focus more on shin ryu
and the storyline was kinda slow
part 1 mainly happen around school and focus more on Ha Na
seriously pity her… too much stress until…
it’s almost 3 am rite now… will continue further sharing this series in part 2