Wednesday, October 10, 2012

bent outward


today i loosened up my new ankle cast 
i went for a shower, and when i wanted to wear the cast again
i felt something wrong with my left foot
it looked weird
when i took a closer look
oh my...
it really was... weird
i don't know how to describe it

at the side of my left foot, it looked like my bone bent outward 
i showed it to my friend, she said maybe it looked like that due to the ankle cast
seriously, it was kind of creepy...and weird
i just checked my foot, and it still look like that, maybe less
and i really hope this wont be permanent

can't wait to get this ankle cast off meh!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Break a leg!!! Good Luck maybe?

It’s 10pm, still early, guess I’ll sleep early too tonight

Been in the lab from 8am to 5 pm almost every day for my Final Year Project
When I reached my room, usually I’ll pass out
It’s tiring, but doing the experiment was unexpectedly fun
Seriously… I get to know more things
My friends even said, whenever they walk by the room that have the oven
They’ll see me in that room

I’m doing biopolymer as drag reduction agent for my final year project
Basically, I’ll use the leaves of banana and synthesized it
Later it will be tested in both water and crude oil
Hopefully I will be able to finish my experiment before the mid-sem break

banana leaves after being grounded

And my experiment is slowed down due to my broken ankle
I broke it while playing futsal
Aiyoyoyo… ni la yg tjadi kalo bajet diri tu mcm zidane

For the first week I use cane to walk
Now I can walk without using the cane but sometimes it hurts
(background song= 2NE1-it hurts)

During the first week, there was almost no moment that I didn’t feel pain
And it got worse while doing the experiment
I didn’t want to take the painkillers, but I did take once, unfortunately

And it got really really worse when I have to walk from pocket c to Block 17
to perform prayer and lunch
so right now, I went to the lab via my motorcycle
it hurts to shift the gear, but it’s better than to walk that far

something funny happened today
I got class from 12-1 and 2-4.
So between that, I took a nap, about at 1.30pm
I planned to wake up at 1.45pm, but I did at 2pm!!!
I forgot about my ankle, rushed to perform Zohor prayer,and rushed to
the motorcycle.

Completely forgotten about the ankle

when I arrived at the class, my bandage was in mess
my leg was half-casted, so the rest is just bandage
and I could feel “something” between my ankle
don’t know how to describe it, but it was kind of painful at certain times

this Thursday I will undergo another x-ray,
to check my ankle condition
I’m hoping I don’t have to wear this cast anymore

tongkat sejati


tadaaa tadaa!!!

and most of the times, it itches so much!!! 
so the result is:

whose leg is that!!!
i already removed the cast for three times, took a full shower, the put it back on
usually, when i'm having the cast on, i have to cover it with plastics to take a shower...
so troublesome.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

sape sangka kan? (dedicated to Hanisah Muhd Shah)


Dh nk dekat setahun xupdate blog
gmbar2 dlm blog abis semua terpadam secara xsengaja
The last time I updated my blog was about my first week internship experience
After that, I guess I lost the mood to write

But tonight is special
Tonight I dedicate this post to one of my friend
Hanisah Muhd Shah FB Hanisah

She is my friend back in MRSM KT
Dia kelas 5A, aku 5B, and dia ni best student sekolah aku
Pandai, rajin, and paling best xkedekut ilmu
Mintak dia ajar something, lebih dr ape yg kita tnye dia ajar
Pegi mane2, xlekang buku di tgn
Gaya tutur cakap, innocent je

Haishhh… still mcm susah nk percaya
Dlm kepala still replay kenangan2 zmn sekolah dgn dia

Pernah ckp dgn dia, waktu tu before interview MARA utk ke Russia
Kalo dpt pegi same2, mesti bes kan
Tp aku xpegi, ayah aku lg prefer engineering kat negara sendiri

Aku xrapat dgn dia, tp selalu study dgn dia
Aku skrang ni tgh exam week
Blk abis exam td, tgh gile2 xdpt jwb, bukak fb, tsentap

Dlm kepala aku skrang ni asyik teringat
Time2 aku study dgn dia dulu..
Selalu melawak dgn dia
“nisa, kena skor subjek ni, sbb kita kan nk pegi Russia”
“nanti kalo kite g sane, kite geng ar”
“xsabar nye nk smbung stadi medic kat sane dgn nisa”
“ler, jgn riso, kite kan nanti pegi Russia same2”

Tu la ayat2 aku selalu gurau dgn dia
Ayat2 yg buat aku dgn dia same2 lg kuat bersaing utk dpt the best score
Sayu hati ble igt blk time2 tu
terasa mcm tcucuk2 je dada ni
fuhhhh.... kenangan lama...

Sape sangka kan?
Mcm tu je dia pergi
Sakit dada nk menerima
Sape sangka kan?
Xdpt balas jasa dia, hnye mampu berdoa semoga Allah rahmati beliau
Hanisah baik orgnye

Aku still xbpe kuat nk bce Yaasin smpai abis
Air mata xbenti mgalir, bacaan pun jd xbpe jelas

Thank you for everything, Hanisah
Seriously, thank you.

ini link berita pasal accident dia 
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